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Accounting at Everest

Students use laptop computers to learn more about their program at Everest.

Getting an accounting degree or diploma is a great way to advance your current career or break into a new one. Graduates of accounting programs can hope to realize salary increases, increased promotional opportunities, and increases in personal job satisfaction as time goes by.

Getting your accounting degree can be a solid first step towards becoming an accountant. An accounting degree can provide you with an overview of the industry, help develop your basic accounting skills, and prepare you for a variety of entry-level jobs in the industry.

Why Pursue an Accounting Degree?

The accounting role discipline has changed in the past decade. For many years, the principle duty of the accounting profession was to generate financial information for external purposes. That has changed dramatically in today’s fast-paced world.  With the advent of new technology, today’s accountants participate in such critical areas as planning, coordinating and helping to control the business and non-business economic activity.

Therefore, students who possess an accounting degree can be qualified to pursue entry-level employment and challenging career opportunities. The rewards can be fruitful for both professional growth and potential salaries.

A successful future in accounting can start for you by gaining access to the following:

  • Instructors with real-world experience
  • Small size classrooms where learning is exciting and fun
  • Career placement services
  • Practical hands-on training
  • Financial aid for those who qualify

The Everest Mission

While traditional industries pursue qualified and well trained accounting professionals, big industries such as health care, engineering and practically every facet of the technology field searches for individuals who hold an accounting certification.

At Everest, part of our overall mission is to help you find the degree and available resources that can help you get the education to realize your professional and career goals.

We know that technology plays an important role in every aspect of the accounting profession. Our accounting program and courses can give you the confidence and training needed to boost your technology skills in every aspect of the discipline. This can qualify you to pursue entry-level employment working for the corporate world, individuals, non-profit organizations, or as an independent consultant.

Your own skills, personal drive, talents, and local market conditions can be a determinant of how you navigate the accounting industry. However, we also know that the journey starts with the right training, education and support.

Another great reason to look into accounting training program at Everest is our commitment to your success. Upon graduation, we’ll help you craft a resume and cover letter that can speak volumes about your education and desire to get ahead in the field.

We’ll also make sure you have access to the job search applications that can match your talents with employers’ who value the comprehensive training you received while at Everest.

Don’t put off another day in finding out firsthand about the hands-on learning and classroom accounting courses that can give your career the boost it deserves.

Contact us today and start training for a career in the exciting field of accounting.

*Accounting programs may vary by campus.

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