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Add a CPA Certification to Your Accounting Degree 

Earning an Accounting (AS) degree or an Accounting (BS) degree at Everest can be the first step in the journey to become a respected professional in the challenging and rewarding field of accounting.  Not everyone may have the same goals in life, and the definition of success is as varied as there are individuals practicing in the field.

However, for those who want to take their career possibilities to a higher level, becoming certified through the required hours and passing the CPA exam can greatly increase one’s potential for success in the years ahead.

Get Prepared for CPA Certification and Take the Exam

The certified public accountant (CPA) certification remains one of the more commonly sought-after and in-demand accounting accreditations for a wide variety of positions. Even still, obtaining the CPA certification is no walk in the park. Applicants must have at least 150 hours of college credits, which may require an accounting bachelor degree.

The CPA certification exam is offered in four sections, and is administered over a two-day period.  Testers have the option not to test on all of the sections at once. Test candidates are allowed up to 18 months to pass the entire exam. The exam, taken on a computer, is comprised of multiple-choice questions and case-study simulations. The CPA exam can be taken in January, February, April, May, July, October and November.

What Do CPAs Do?

A CPA has a lot of professional flexibility and can choose to practice in the areas of public accounting, government accounting, or act as personal financial advisors. The CPA certification can also serve to boost an individual’s personal income and open the door for alternate career paths in the accounting industry.

Within the business world, CPAs command a great deal of respect. On occasion, CPAs go on to start their own business, rise to the rank of CFO, or even become CEOs of major corporations—some earning salaries in the six-figure range at the highest level.

*Being qualified to sit for the CPA exam may vary by state. Make sure you thoroughly understand the exam requirements of the state in which you plan to practice.

CPA Certification and CPA Exam Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. How many sections are there on the CPA exam?

A. The CPA exam is comprised of four sections.

Q. What is the length of time allotted to complete the test?

A. Testers have 14 hours in which to complete the CPA exam.

Q. How much continuing education is required to maintain my certification?

A. If you have a certification, you are required to log 120 hours of continuing education within a three-year period. You must log a 20-hour minimum per year if you are in public practice.

Contact an Everest representative today to find out more about the accounting training offered and how to prepare for the CPA certification that can take your career possibilities to the next level.

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