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Accounting Programs and Training

Simply put, accounting is the language of business and accounting procedures. Students pursuing the accounting discipline at Everest can expect to receive access to a wide array of subjects and procedures, which can qualify them to seek entry-level positions in a myriad of accounting fields, which include business, industry, and the government.

Students who would like to become an accountant should be aware that it takes a lot to succeed and make an impact in the accounting field. Applicants may need specific industry-related training with respect to learning the necessary theoretical concepts and applications. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills are also an essential element for success that you’ll develop while at Everest.

Everest Accounting program training includes the following:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Introductory Cost and Managerial Accounting
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Non-Profit Accounting
  • Tax Accounting

Whether a professional or someone who’s looking to gain a competitive advantage through continuing education, increasing your knowledge through industry-specific accounting programs and courses can serve as a passport into a realm of numerous exciting career possibilities.

At Everest, we can help you with an educational journey to earning your future accounting credentials and professional designations.

The Everest Accounting program also takes into consideration that very little can be accomplished in the business world without being computer savvy. Getting the best from your computer can help you with everything from processing financial records to budget analysis. You can take classes in computer applications and spreadsheets.

We take your career possibilities just as serious as you do. If you’re armed with solid principles in accounting, along with the relative business methods and procedures, you’ll have the marketable skills to succeed when it’s time to launch a career.

Whether it’s an Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science, or a Business Accounting diploma, Everest has the accounting programs and training that can help you realize your goals.

More about the Associate of Science Degree in Accounting

Program coursework for the Associate of Science Degree in accounting is designed to give students a solid base for understanding accounting principles and practices to continues accounting studies or create opportunities to enter or advance in the accounting field.

More about the Bachelor Science Degree in Accounting

Program coursework for the Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting helps to prepare students for the task of communicating and measuring accurately the financial positions of a business enterprise. Accounting professionals must be able to provide advice on taxation and management services. They must also be able to competently analyze information systems. Students are also expected to gain additional knowledge through both accounting theory and practice.

More about the Business Accounting Diploma

Successful completion of a program that leads to a Business Accounting diploma can give students the necessary skills to qualify for an entry-level position in an accounting department of a large company or a training position as a full-charge bookkeeper in a small office.

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